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Harsh weather is yet to strike, according to BBC weather and Express-News. Britain could be braced to face the coldest and harshest winter for almost a decade. The brutally cold other is expected to be driven by a plunge in solar activity and the El Nino warming of the eastern Pacific Ocean. So it's not late yet to prepare yourselves for some warmth on chilly days/night by some of our top rated Elegant Radiators only @ elegantshowers.
Elegant radiators – be it horizontal or vertical – are increasingly seen as ornamental items that offer so much more than just a source of warmth; it gives style statements, can transform the look of a space by adding a touch of spacious & functional.

Technology Took Over - Modern Vs Old Radiators

In this modern era of energy efficiency, it targets uprising energy bills. Calibre Elegant radiators and heated towel rails are becoming increasingly vital in effective central heating systems.
In the last 10 years, radiator technology has improved significantly ensuing in homes that were much more energy efficient than they were antecedent. Modern radiators are now smaller than their elderly forerunners, yet are able to emit just as much heat, if not more, with less energy expended. Today’s rads are much more efficiently designed, with better internal water channelling, which results in the hot water coming into contact with more of the radiator metal, but with much less water required.

Horizontal Or Vertical

Now it's really hard to decide the style as it does depend on the structure of the place where it's going to be installed. Although its made of the same materials, but do make sure of sizes and btu's. At elegant, we got a vivid range of horizontal & vertical radiators which includes some of the top ranges as Flat Panel Radiators, Oval Panel Radiators & Traditional Column Radiators available in White, Chrome & Anthracite.
In the bathroom, the chrome heated towel rail has remained a firm favourite. The reason for this is mainly aesthetic, with many liking their rails to have a premium look at them, however, it’s also been released that towel warmers in chrome actually give off more heat than painted ones.
So, if you do have a home with radiators that need to be pensioned off and let go, there is a huge choice available for you to choose from. Whatever size, style, colour or finish you desire, there will be a radiator to match your requirements. Not only will they look better than your existing rads, but they will also perform better, putting out more heat, using less water and helping to lower your heating bills!

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