Did you know that your shower is kind of like your very own personal oasis?  Think about it…your shower is a refreshing cold escape after a long, hard workout and it’s a relaxing wake-up call first thing in the morning.  Oh, and we all know showers have the out-and-out best acoustics for belting out the latest tunes.

But there’s just something about maneuvering around a thin, flimsy shower curtain that can ruin the entire oasis vibe.  Shower curtains are floppy.  They’re clumsy.  They’re hard to keep clean.  And they’re just your average, run-of-the-mill pain in the neck.
If only there was a solution to the conundrum that is the modern-day shower curtain.  Oh wait; there is…a glass shower door enclosure!  And your local Plumber® specialist can undoubtedly save the day by installing a glass shower door enclosure that will specifically fit your needs.  Say “goodbye” to your dingy, crumbled and worn out shower curtain.  And say “hello, gorgeous” to a brand new glass shower door.
Elegant Showers launched a huge range of  glass shower door not just because they’re pretty, but also because…
A glass shower door eliminates cool, breezy drafts that are common with shower curtains.
A glass shower door gives the illusion of a larger bathroom space.
A glass shower door allows more light in the shower so you don’t de-dandruff your arms by mistake.
A glass shower door helps you show off pretty shower tile.
A glass shower door increases the value of your home.

Types Of Shower Doors @ Elegant Showers.

Bi-Fold Shower Doors


Redesigning an old bathroom or building a new one is not the kind of project that is likely to be redone very frequently & easily, and is one of the more space-critical aspects of any construction. So you will definitely want to make a clever choice with the right product ,not only for the satisfaction, but also for spacious look. A bi-fold shower door may be the perfect answer to your design criteria. Elegant Showers work with top designers to fulfil the need of the customer, wide variety of doors listed on our site opens up a whole new spectrum of design & style opportunities. So browse from our extensive range, which is solely to the market.

Pivot Doors

Our range of frameless shower enclosures is the ultimate contemporaneous addition to your bathroom. Simply walk into the emancipating environment for a truly elegant bath experience. Perfect with glass shower panels and doors, it’s a scaled-back design that’s both simplistic and sunning in boosting your bathroom to the next level of style & elegance. Also not to forget, elegant shower launched a huge a huge range in framed and frameless pivot doors.

Sliding Doors

Ideal for more compendious spaces, sliding shower doors allow for easy access to your shower and is flexible to the space in your bathroom. A stunning solution when complementing an adjourned shower enclosure, a sliding door allows for a large space in the enclosure that can be neatly packed in between walls. Elegant Showers sliding shower doors provide a smooth & easy mechanism that eliminates the need for some surrounding space around the shower enclosure. By keeping in mind the demand of our customer, elegant showers have recently launched a huge range of of easy clean shower doors and enclosure, which will not only look elegant but will optimize your cleaning effort as well.

Shower Doors With Inline Panel.

The Shower Doors With Inline Panel integrated shower tray is a prime example of a framed shower door which offers the minimalist look. The sleek, minimal framing is finished in aluminium and mirror-polished stainless steel and combined with the large 6mm toughened glass panels provides a light and open aspect to any bathroom. The soft return handle is a joy to use. Not only that, based on the fact this style is perfect for some uncommon spaces for shower doors.


So, unless you like the look and feel of a breezy, dark shower, maybe a new glass shower door is just what the doctor ordered.

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