Walk-In Shower Enclosure & Wetroom Screens

We lead busier lifestyles than ever before, and a walk-in shower or wet room could be just your answer. Regardless of whether your washroom is enormous or compact, a Walk-In Shower is very easy to introduce, with numerous plans that fit the impression of a standard-sized shower. Hence, a wet room, then again, is somewhat more demanding, so it's ideal to consult your handyman or installer about the scale of the work required. 

Recognizing The Difference Between Walk-In Shower & Wetroom @ Elegant 

The main significance between the two is distinctly basic – Wet rooms are spaces with a completely open arrangement. The floors are modified for enabling the water to stream away effectively through the channel on the floor whilst Walk-in showers slightly differ because of the inclusion of one or two glass screens or a low profile shower tray.

"What makes us stand out from the competitors? At Elegant, all our shower doors, just as Walk-in Screens can be installed with our without shower trays with minimal fuss."

The expense of these rooms will shift contingent upon your needs and the picked theme, so you ought to likewise consider cost as a factor when choosing which one to be installed to add the touch of spaciousness to your bathroom space.

Styles To Consider Whilst Choosing Wetroom Screen Or a Walk-In Shower Enclosures

 At Elegant, you have a varied choice to make when it comes to Wetroom Shower Screen / Walk- In Shower Enclosures. But the similarity between them it can be styled same for both types of installation (with or without shower trays), All our products are designed by some of the top designers around the globe to meet the needs of each buyer/installer and are only available @ Elegant Showers, Featuring glass thickness of 6mm, 8mm & 10mm with valid certification mark of British Standards

  • Recessed - Restricted Installation into an alcove and is perfect for replacing a bathtub. This sort includes a solitary glass screen, which can be fitted to the left or right position with a chrome support arm as per the layout of your shower space& also offers a choice to install with or without flipper panel.


  • Corner - Can be installed in any corner of the bathroom and considered to be the suitable choice to replace a standard shower enclosure such as a quadrant. This type features two glass screens, Main Panel (Front Panel) End Panel (Side panel) & also offers a choice to install with or without flipper panel. It can be fitted to the left or right position with a chrome support arm as per the layout of your shower space.

Benefit Of Elegant Walk-In Shower Enclosures/Wetroom Screens

♦ Ideal for those with limited mobility - Another incredible advantage that a walk in shower/wetrooms has over a shower with doors, is that it’s a part less demanding to utilize. The doorless and nearly step-free plan, makes a walk in shower/wet room screens are incredible choices for those with restricted portability and the elderly, who battle to lift their leg over a bathtub. There’s moreover the bounty of showering space, so you'll be able to bath youthful children with ease.

Durable Design - With minimal fittings and strong structure, a walk-in shower enclosure/Wet rooms are the foremost strong and durable showering options that will last for many years.

♦ Designer style that adds value - A Walk-in shower /Wet room Screen highlights clean lines and negligible looks, which gives a high-end feel and makes a statement as well. On the off chance that you ever choose to offer your domestic within the future, at that point these can make a genuine offering point. What’s more, you don’t get to break the bank to attain this.

Easy To Maintain - We all know the cleaning can be a bit of task especially if you've got a busier lifestyle with kids running around or a hectic work schedule, but a sturdy structure which has the advantage of easy-clean, Nano Glass can promise a hassle-free life and allows you spend more time doing other things.

Things Worth Knowing About Elegant Walk-In Shower Enclosure & Wetroom Screens

♦ The glass used in the manufacturing of these products is safety toughened, but the product with a glass thickness of 8mm or above has an advantage of Easy clean coating.

♦ Large expanses of glass in the bathroom could mean lots of cleaning, but glass panels with an easy-clean coating help to prevent soap scum from building up and sticking to the glass, so cleaning will be less of a chore.

♦ Glass panels that are framed and edged with chrome, are ideal for families with young children, as the edge is slightly blunter. For a really seamless look opt for a frameless screen – this will have a beveled safety edge.

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