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There is still coldness in the air, yet you have got tons of laundry that had to be dried. You cannot surely hang it outdoors when the weather conditions are still so wavering, so what do you usually come up with? 
 I presume, your instinct reaction is to put up the clothes on your radiator and allow the central heating dry them. However, this supposedly plain solution may literally be sparking off further issues than you realise. 
Is It A Smart Move To Dry Clothes On A Radiator?
It is still chilly to come in for anything dry outdoors on the pin up washing line and to hamper colder it takes on a massive hard work.  
You were not blessed to get a tumble dryer, chances are, you take the smart move of setting down all the clothes around your house over the top most of your radiators - but hey? - Most likely, it is unwise and inadvisable. 
People have been preferring radiators as a regular way of drying clothes, other linens and mostly towels. It puts a lot of practicality, especially winter months when you do not have massive of chances to fasten your washing outside. Radiators will probably be the effective solution as they service, a warm visible drying area. Despite that radiators apparently propose an imposing spot to dry your washing, there are several explanations you should be mindful about hanging wet clothes at different place. Read all throughout our shared insights:
 1) Condensation and Black Moulds  
When you hang damp clothes on a radiator, the water vaporizes out of the materials, where it results to moisture surrounding the air.  An excessive moisture in the air causes condensation, which appear on walls, mirrors, windows & whichever surfaces the damp air presents into exposure with.
Modern homes oftentimes are most receptive to condensation. As better insulation, double glazing & draught proofing denotes that, whilst they maintain heat excellently, air ventilation is restricted. This occurs to dry air & confined moisture, which can be appalling and harmful. 
Furthermore, the moisture in the air from drying fabric indoors can lead to a dampened state which can lead to mould springing up. 
Black mould can trigger health issues, specifically of respiratory system, as it delivers spores around the air which are subsequently inhaled. Moreover, it can blemish your home arising with discolouring paint & wallpapers, which may develop to peel off. Experiencing damp and mould mixup can likely spawn walls & plasters to crumble. Fixing it at the earliest possible could save you back a couple of hundred pounds & stress free.  
2) Can drying clothes on a radiator poses health issues?
Though drying your clothes on a radiator may sound a speedy solution in some ways, scientists and doctors have warned that it can constitute a critical health risk to people with poor immune system due to further health issues or those with lung disorder such as asthma. For the past few years, they have alerted against the likely serious health effects of stationing clothes onto a radiator. By heating the moisture of soaked clothes, Aspergillus Fungal Spores can manifest and infiltrate the air. For those exposed to its reactions, these fungal spores can lead to Pulmonary Aspergillosis.
What is Aspergillosis?
Aspergillosis is the name of a type of conditions rooted by a fungal mould called Aspergillus. It commonly has an effect on the respiratory system (lungs, windpipe and sinuses), however, it can escalate to anywhere in the body. Aspergillosis is happened by inhaling in small spores of Aspergillus mould. The majority of people's immune system will rapidly isolate and disrupt the mould before it can spread to their lungs. But despite that, a person with damaged lungs or a debilitated immune system is more distinctly possible to initiate Aspergillosis after breathing in Aspergillus Spores.

Researchers called on builders to establish allocated drying areas into new homes to engage in the health concerns.


3) Heated Towel Rails
 If you do demand to hang your clothes in some warm place to dry them, the ideal alternative is normally a heated towel rail. These are made to have towels added damp bits hanging from them that can manage with the other workload of drying pieces besides retaining your bathroom heat up. So, if you are only considering drying little items at a time, utilizing a towel rail is inexpensive and affordable than a tumble dryer and enables you to hang various pieces instantly, opposed almost all radiators. Heated Towel Rails are typically fitted in bathrooms, yet, they are perfect too for utility areas or to any else you wash your laundry, providing you a supplemental spot to hang and dry your washing. Certain contemporary rails more so present fitting shelves where you are able to prop folded towels, keeping them nice and prime to be used. You can also station a clothes horse adjacent to your rail if you like to acquire additional drying done.
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