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Preferring a shower enclosure & tray isn't just in the matter of completing the options you've over with in terms of design, or the kind of shower you've opted. There are several aspects that must take into point when investing a shower tray such as the cost, materials & space. 


 "Freedom is like having a shower. Go with the flow & you've got to do it everyday."


Shower Tray is one of the distinguished parts of a shower enclosure. Selecting the exact shower tray for an enclosure appears to be a plain sufficient job. In spite of that it, the shape of your shower tray will ascertain what type of Shower Enclosure you'll have. Shower Trays @ Elegant Showers can range in both shapes & height to tailor a complete collection of unique bathroom spaces. Confidently, our practical guidelines will aid you to pitch on mainly the suitable shower tray for your bathroom.


1) Measuring A Shower Tray - Fitting a shower tray that is the right size is vastly essential. If you are measuring a brand new shower tray and restoring your outdated one, then this labor won't take ages. Get hold of a tape measure and go over all of the sides to work out the length and width. Another possibility, though, is to cut out the shower tray dimensions onto cardboard as you will able to measure how much space the shower tray will utilize.  Undertaking this will moreover distinguish whether or not, you will need to venture in a differently shaped shower tray.


2) Shape- The major hallmark of the shower tray is its shape. This is entirely reliant on the size of your bathroom, the floor space, accessibility & when you would favor to set in place your shower enclosure. We categorize some of the commercial shower trays available @ elegant showers. Feel free to read over further on.


A) Quadrant Shower Trays - The Quadrant Shower Trays posses an ingenious style. They are perfectly in corners and can be put to use in spaces where there is barely of the room. They are ideal if you are considering to save needed floor space. Quadrant Shower Trays are happen to be progressive in demand for compact bathrooms such as cloakroom spaces. 


B) Offset Quadrant Shower Trays- This tray is particularly alike to the quadrant plus a classic prospect for corners where one wall is extended than the other. The trick to  choose this kind of shower tray depends on the positioning of your walls.  E.g. Left positioned shower trays will always have right opening side whilst right positioned shower trays will have its left opening side

perfect sample of shower trays.


C) Rectangular Shower Trays- This tray coats a substantial surface area exuding extravagance. Rectangular Shower Trays are a favored choice for complementing along side Walk-In Shower Enclosures as they extend a stylish minimalist look. It can also be used with Enclosures like Sliding Shower Enclosures as well as Corner Entry Shower Enclosures.


D) Square Shower Trays- One of the most adaptable shower trays. They are immensely attractive as it can be notched into corners, alcoves & placed midway. Furthermore, Square Shower Trays can adapt both latest such as Bi-fold, Pivot and Corner Entry Shower Enclosures as well as conventional bathroom styles. 


3)  Materials & Robustness- It is even more necessary to obtain a shower tray that is an upright investment as your bathroom will spot a lot of use as time goes by. Here @ Elegant Showers, we supply ample collections of stone resin shower trays. This material is made of the patented Pearlstone Matrix making the range one of the most durable & lightest available. On top of that, it is constructed from a Polyurethane Resin mix with fillers including volcanic ash. All trays are Acrylic capped and the stone core is protected as well as the surface is repellent to wear & tear. 


4) Sealing Your Shower Tray- Ensuring that your Shower Tray is properly sealed is much of a sense as this will intercept waterproofing problems from arising. A shower tray seal will ward off any water from getting beneath the tray. To be certain that you are working in sealant properly, then it is recommended that you take the time to get ready beforehand. 


5) Added Features Whilst Shopping @ Elegant Shower For Shower Trays 

a) Most of shower trays are 40mm in height.

b) All shower trays do come with free fast flow waste.

c) Waste Position do vary depending on size and style. 

d) Riser Kits can be bought separately if needed. 

e) All shower trays got Chrome Acrylic Caps.

f) Free delivery on all products @ Elegant Shower for Mainland United Kingdom.


If you are up to for High Quality Affordable Shower Trays that is impressively reliable, Browse our set of shower tray now. Place an order online & have them transported direct to your door.


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