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When it comes to remodelling the bathroom, most people are scrapping the bath, and rather, are adopting for a shower enclosure. In addition as conserving time, showers use barely water than a bath, bringing them an eco-friendly solution. Moreover, opting a shower somewhat than a bath is that you don't require a lot of room, which is superb if your bathroom is on the mini-side. That is why Walk-in Shower Enclosures are trendsetting these days.


Whilst feasible for our everyday lives, Walk-In Shower Enclosures can equally be relaxing & lush. It's a simple installation due to being fitted straightly onto a shower tray and doesn't demand your bathroom floor to be a receptacle with various layers of sealed matting to cease water flowing out that can generate a leak. It delivers plenty of space without the charge of waterproofing the entire room. 


"Walk-In To That Space With Care & Great Tact. It Is A Clean, Simple Process To Start & Ends Your Day Through."

Quoted By Elegant Showers



A Walk-In shower has no doors which grant you to simply Walk-In. Containing a shallow tray & qualified Frameless Walk-In Glass Screen, all Elegant Shower Walk-In Shower Enclosures, come in distinct selections, set with Shower trays with free waste kits. Not only that, but you can incorporate an additional 300mm Return Panel/ flipper panel to add extra security from water splashing.


Here are some useful descriptions that can persuade you from taking consideration to investing in Walk-In Shower Enclosures:


"Our Walk-In Shower Enclosures have been particularly designed to enable each & everyone to relish a pleasant, relaxing shower with absolute assurance & security."


Idyllic for compact bathrooms - Walk-In Shower Panels are impeccable for small bathrooms as it aid to design the illusion of more space. A substantial shower enclosure means you have to consider for space taken up by a shower door & a high tray, but deciding for a walk-in shower unfasten this demand, to the fact if you got 3-walls space for your shower, an elegant shower doors can also be considered to be installed with or without shower trays.


Durable Design - With a slight fitting & minimal frame, a Walk-in Shower Enclosure is a stable and well-made showering alternative consisting an option of solid 8mm Easy Clean Nano Glass that will last for years. 


Easy Access - Walk-in Shower Enclosures are a lot easier to use & are absolute for those with restricted mobility & the elderly, who strain to lift their leg over the bath and maintaining their stability. 


Minimal Cleaning Maintenance - It's minimalist shower design allows its practical purpose. With a Walk-In Shower, you don't have to be bothered with consumable parts which may need replacements in time. It entails a tiny service of maintenance which is by using a simple warm soapy water solution in cleaning the glass & tray that will linger it looking fresh & brand new the day you secure it.


Creates A Desirable & Brighter Space- Installing a Walk-In shower without a tray can render more flexibility when it comes to the layout, as if there is no tray, it can be fitted in a dense tricky space. A Single Glass Frameless Walk-In Screen allows a constant view through the bathroom, making it seem bigger & brighter-ideal for small bathrooms where there is no natural light & inadequate space. 


"How much are shower enclosures? (People Also Ask As Per Google)

As you might expect, Frameless Walk-in Shower Panels cost a lot due to their looks but @ Elegant Showers, we offer a vivid range of price ranging from £59.99 to £325.99 prior to your product preference."


 If you’re ready to get started with your own bath installation, Why not Browse & Choose Our Products @ Elegant Showers Simply By Clicking Walk-In Shower Enclosures. Try It Now!


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