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It has become increasingly obvious what the newest trend in Shower enclosures has become over this past few years. Today, there are numerous ways that you can create your bathroom to bring your desired layout. Every shower enclosures possess its individual quality & needs. Therefore, opting the right enclosure for that shower is of huge significance. So one method of doing this is using frameless shower enclosures @ ElegantShowers.


In fact, we offer diverse shower enclosures such as Quadrant, Bi-fold, Walk-ins, Pivot, & Corner Entry that can settle the general feel for the perfect room. A frameless shower enclosure will always be on craze as it's sleek, clean-design, tempered glass that stands out amongst all. These have been a swap in older styled curtain walk-in designed showers.


Frameless Shower Enclosures is definitely an ultimate option as mostly it is created to retain the light, airy & that easy feel. By vanishing those lines between your shower and whole bathroom,  you are capable to forge the space to look vivid. 


" It isn't only for builders, Designers, Architects but to homeowners as well envisaging the layout of the bathroom."


So ensure to ask yourself the following questions when considering to opt for a new Frameless Shower Enclosure @ ElegantShowers:


  • Will your glass set on a curb or directly on the floor?


  At Elegant Showers, we ensure that all our shower enclosures & shower doors can be installed with or without shower trays that are easily accessible to fix even in uncommon spaces.


  • How "Frameless" so you want the appearance of your shower to be?


At ElegantShowers, we have a variety of frameless shower enclosures to choose as per your needs. From Quadrant to Pivot, Bi-fold to Corner Entries & Walk-ins. We got it all. So browse now while supply lasts.


  • Are Frameless Shower Enclosures or Shower Door safe?


Frameless shower Enclosures & shower doors are made from tempered glass, which is designed to be installed in any kind of shower space. However, if improperly installed, it can cause breakage leading into shattered glasses. But via survey, tempered glass is considered to be adaptable in any condition as long as it's properly installed.


  • What tiles & substrates are used on your walls?


At ElegantShowers, all our Shower Enclosures are versatile that offer a stylish look &  can create spaciousness in your bathroom. No matter what the colour of tiles or substrates used, we guarantee, it will stay & look Elegant.


  • Lastly, what is more, vital for you...Price, Design, Stability, Function, Maintenance?


The quality of our products is elegant, unparalleled and subordinate as to our competitors. We ensure unbeatable price and have teamed up with some of the top designers to make our bathrooms classy and idealistic, which offer a wide range of styles and are exclusive to the market.


Browse now to get started with our range of Frameless Shower Enclosures. Our customer service team are here to assist in your purchase & will guide you all throughout in choosing the perfect enclosure that is suitable in your space or project.


" Here at ElegantShowers, we value our customers. We always deliver more than expected."