Trade Loyalty Scheme For Professionals

If you're one of our most loyal Trade Account holders, we'll reward you with one of the added value Trade Accounts below. Our brand new exclusive trade loyalty scheme is now up and running. Perfect for Plumbers, Installers, Builders, Contractors, home improvement professionals and listed sole traders, we won’t be beaten on price and service.

Frequently Asked Questions Above Elegant Trade Accounts


What is the worth of Elegant Reward Points?

The worth of rewards points is £1 for every 100 points, now fear not these points can actually be earned quite easily & can be applied with traders discount.

How can I earn the points & how many point can be applied at once?

The simplest way to earn points is actually by placing an order. For every order worth of £100 will be rewarded 10 points (£160 order=16 points) but there are other methods too as mentioned below which will allow you to earn points.

  • - Social Sharing - 10 Points
  • - Product Reviews - 10 Points
  • - Newsletter Signup - 10 Points
  • -Trustpilot Reviews-10 Points (Confirm your reviews via live chat & we will add the points to your account)
  • -2% worth of points can be applied @ checkout below payment option @ once on top of trades discount
How can I apply points for my order?

Points can be applied on the checkout page just below the payment option.

Is there any sort of expiration for my reward points?

Yes, the points will automatically be expired after 60 days from the day it's been earned. But to keep you aware, we will notify you 24 hrs before the day of the expiration of points.

What happens if I cancel my order or apply for a refund?

The points will automatically be deducted from your account

Can Reward Points be earned or applied if order placed via phone?

No, as there is no way to earn or apply points until you are logged in to your account @ Elegant Showers.


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