Pivot Enclosures

Framed shower doors have a metal skeleton or clean-cut style around a panel of glass and are used for shower enclosures. Elegant Showers have made many improvements on the framed glass and metal cut on these doors and there is a wider extensive range styles or sizes to choose from. The style designed by elegant showers is second to none. Browse and choose, what suits the best to your bathroom.

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13 Items

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Here are some helpful facts to help you decide between Framed & Frameless Pivot Shower Enclosures

A pivot shower enclosure, door is one in which there are hinges and the door swings out to open. Some larger showers have a double door entrance. A pivoting door obviously requires room for it to open, so if you are working with a small or cramped space then this type of door will probably take up too much precious room.

♦ Frameless Pivot Shower Enclosures

A pivoting shower enclosure deprives from the door itself which is the part of a frameless shower enclosure since it can be mounted with very little hardware. On a genuine frameless shower door, the hinges are the only hardware needed to secure the door. The hinges are available in a multitude of metallic finishes. This innovative shower enclosure introduces a minimalist design with inwards adjustment of shower door of 30mm (15mm each side) to create a light and contemporary solution to showering. The stylish and practical design will make a standout feature in any bathroom, combining elegance with durability to give you the perfect shower.


Framed Pivot Shower Enclosures

On a semi-frameless, which is meant to give the illusion of a frameless shower door, there is more hardware required, but for the illusion to work the framework needs to be practically invisible to the eye.The Framed Pivot Hinged Shower Enclosure By Elegant Showers makes the most of your bathroom space, Delivering a premium construction, toughened safety glass, the stunning shower enclosure stands the test of time in all aspects of its design.Besides offering the brilliance & elegance of nearly unobstructed glass. But at Elegant Showers, on our customer demand we do framed doors too. As it all depends on the choice of our customers. All our products are designed by some of the top designers around the globe by keeping an eye for detail to suit all our customer needs. Hence all our products are unique and are solely to the market.

Shower Trays To Go With Elegant Bifold Shower Enclosures


At Elegant Showers, we sell the most durable and sleekest shower trays in bathroom industries that is made up of polymer stone resin.

Reasons to choose Elegant Shower Trays are listed below:

♦ Made In UK Shower Tray

♦ Include 90mm free waste trap

♦ Easy to clean and maintain

♦ All trays have a flat underside making installation and levelling even easier 

♦ Slimline-At just 40 high

♦ Perfect for a modern and contemporary bathroom design

♦ Patented Technology-Made of the patented 'Pearlstone Matrix' making the range one of the strongest and lightest available

♦ All trays are acrylic capped and constructed from a polyurethane resin mixed with filler including volcanic ash


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