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Offset Quadrant Trays

Offset Quadrant Trays

Our range of offset quadrant shower trays UK is just perfect for your bathroom. Avail them in various styles, sizes and shapes. Whether you have a small bathroom or a big one, don’t worry, as the sliding door will make it an ideal choice. These quadrant showers fit perfectly well and offer a good showering space. Since the options are too many, you can find the right one for your bathroom. Our collection ensures that your installation is straightforward. Moreover, you can shop from riser trays, low-level trays, flat top tray sizes etc.

So, if you are planning to renovate your bathroom, choose our shower trays as they are extremely essential. They will compliment you well and you will love it.


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Offset Quadrant Shower Trays UK

Left Or Right Position ?

In order to describe RH and LH we must firstly set out some basics...

This tray is particularly alike to the quadrant plus a classic prospect for corners where one wall is extended than the other. The trick to choose this kind of shower tray depends on the positioning of your walls. E.g. Left positioned shower trays will always have right opening side whilst right positioned shower trays will have its left opening side

Added Features Whilst Shopping @ Elegant Shower For Shower Trays 
♦ Most of shower trays are 40mm in height.
♦ All shower trays do come with free fast flow waste.
♦ Waste Position do vary depending on size and style. 
♦ Riser Kits can be bought separately if needed. 
♦ All shower trays got Chrome Acrylic Caps.
♦ Free delivery on all products @ Elegant Shower for Mainland United Kingdom.
If you are up to for High Quality Affordable Shower Trays that is impressively reliable, Browse our set of shower tray now. Place an order online & have them transported direct to your door.
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