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"Find Tranquillity In Your Space Through Elegant Showers"

Elegant Showers is the trading name of Sunny Showers Ltd located @ 20 Great King Street North, Birmingham B19 2LF rooted in the heart of the West Midlands. Launching in 1988, the company had progressed vastly worldwide in 2013. From then on, Elegant Showers has at once expanded.

From the onset of our scheme as the manufacture of bathroom furnishings, we have paved our expertise in marketing the finest and marked archetype of designs, quality influences of the products, alongside its at hand price tag and convenience.

Our progress and success came to be a result of how we transact and attend to our client's needs and interests, including those they have addressed to us. We are delighted to take pride that nearly all Elegant Showers customers are regular buyers, cordially keeping on for ages from way back to their property renovations before this time.

At Elegant Showers, our aim is relentless. We are avid to showcase an innovative and excellent range. And speaking to that, we earnestly are committed to providing high-quality products that are of massive benefit to the people. We always ensure that our galore of goods reflect the components and inspiration of what they likely desire. Irrespective of whether it's a piece of the bathroom and home furniture, led mirror, radiators or a lot more, we have loads to the resource to offer.

We believe that a good choice leads to elegant buy products that are heartily satisfied. In the end, that's all we're claiming.


As to speak, life is full of a range of possibilities. Explore and don't miss out!