Guarantee & After-Sales Service

Quite often, even after we’ve chosen an item and purchased it successfully, there may be some things we might want to change or repair afterward - either during or following the delivery process, when filing a return or applying for using our warranty. Here we'll try to explain in plain terms how does our store’s warranty policy works and how you can be using it when shopping with us!

What Products are Provided with the Warranty?

Products eligible for manufacturer warranty are guaranteed of that particular product . We are confident in the quality of our merchandise and therefore, provide warranties for a reasonable period of time, after purchase, based on the faulty product. Please Note- These warranties only apply for the items bought via the website and not via third-party marketplaces such as eBay & Amazon. For further info, please check our FAQs.

Manufacturing Faults

All our products @ elegant showers are designed by some of the top designers around the globe and been delivered to its highest standards, so if you notice any manufacturing faults, please update us within 30 days of purchase and we will send a replacement without any further delays. 

Need Parts

While for some items we have a lifetime warranty, the parts in all of our items are offered with a 6-month Limited type of a Warranty. But, you are always welcome to buy the part simply by calling us @ 0121 448 0880. Do make sure to have the parts number handy as mentioned in the instruction manuals.

Warranty Exceptions

All goods reported as faulty will be tested by manufacturers (Elegant Showers). If it is determined the goods are not faulty or if the faults are deemed to be caused by damage or abuse, this will void any warranty. Goods will be returned to you at your expense and no refund or replacement issued.

In What Cases the Warranty is Not Provided?

There can be limits for the Warranties issued with the purchase of the Bathroom items on our website.

The manufacturer of the Goods guarantees its products for the period of the products natural life. There are conditions attaching to the lifetime warranty, and some exclusions from it which are set out as above and explained also below:

We suggest that you inspect your product for obvious and physical defects within 14 days of the date of purchase and in any event prior to installation. This is to keep down your cost of remedying defects. We will only be responsible for the refund, repair or replacement and not for any installation, plumbing, loss of business or incidental costs.

The lifetime warranty covers manufacturer’s defects whereby item was defected from arrival and not from improper use.

The lifetime warranty does not cover:

Breakage of or damage to the glass or its coating (unless the defect is present at the time of purchase). However, the manufacturer uses only toughened safety glass that complies with EN 12150-1 and EN 14428;

Showering items meaning the valves, hand sprays, and fixed heads, body jets, drenchers, external valves and items of a similar nature. Damage caused by wilful damage, neglect, misuse, accidental breakage, and normal wear and tear

Failure to use the Goods in accordance with their instructions (where applicable)

The alteration or repair of the Goods by you or any third party that is not authorized by us.

Various matters may affect the performance and life expectancy of our products and are excluded from the provisions of the lifetime warranty. These includes:

Failure to adhere to manufacturers’ fitting and cleaning instructions

Water composition, particularly as hard water may cause water staining;

Exposure to sunlight which may cause the color to fade and certain products to warp.

The warranty for metal coverings (both chrome and color coating) against flaking, discoloration, and rust is excluded when such conditions are caused by

The build-up of mildew and limescale;

The use of corrosive liquids for cleaning.

They have been reasonably maintained and cleaned;

Failure as a result of wear and tear

Our warranty exists in addition to your legal rights as a consumer (that the Goods match their description, that they are of satisfactory quality and that they are fit for purpose) and does not affect your statutory rights. Goods that do not match their description, are not of satisfactory quality.  More information on your rights as a consumer can be obtained from your local Citizens’ Advice Bureau or Trading Standards Office.