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Single Sliding Shower Enclosures

Single Sliding Shower Enclosures

Sliding shower enclosures are a clever option that can increase space in a small bathroom and provide an elegant, modern environment in any bathroom style. A sliding door enclosure allows you to enjoy a shower that feels open and stunning while saving a huge space in your bathroom. For the records, Elegant showers, sliding enclosures have served the best solution for small bathrooms.

Easy Clean Sliding Enclosures
8mm Safety Tempered Easy Clean Single Sliding Shower Enclosures

Part of Easy Clean Collection of Elegant Showers - this superb Rectangle shower enclosure will bring the designer edge to your bathroom design.

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Tempered Glass Sliging Shower Enclosures
6mm Safety Tempered Glass Sliding Shower Enclosures

Sliding Shower Enclosures are ideal for saving space in any bathroom and are easy to manoeuvre, so getting in and out of the shower is effortless.

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Black Sliding Shower Enclosures
Black Sliding Shower Enclosures

This Elegant black Easy Clean shower enclosure creates a relaxing atmosphere with its minimalist lines. Its sleek black profile and minimalist lines emphasize its natural beauty.

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We have a huge & an extensive range of sliding door shower enclosures, which can help you to find the perfect match for your bathroom.


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Sliding Shower Door Enclosure-One Good Recommendation

Sliding Shower Door Enclosures turn out to be increasingly well-received, thanks to their space saving properties. Although, Pivot or Hinge Shower Door Enclosures demand a substantial area anterior of the shower to make available for passage into, Sliding Shower Door Enclosures don't, creating them an absolute alternative of your own somewhat compact bathroom area. They are on top simple to navigate, thus, it enables access in and out of the shower evenly.

Sliding Shower Enclosures - Clever Space Saving Choice

Consider this Elegant Sliding Door Enclosure, with its ‘pearlstone Matrix stone’ tray . As important in the context of this article is that it boasts a 6mm or 8mm toughened glass sliding door system for easy and space-maximizing access. Elegant Showers offer a large choice of  shower units in this vein, of various specifications and sizes.Not only that elegant showers, launch the easy clean range too for shower enclosures. Our products have been designed by some of the top designers around the globe. Hence, all our products been unique, latest & are solely to the market.

Shower Trays To Go With Single Sliding Shower Enclosures 


At Elegant Showers, we sell the most durable and sleekest shower trays in bathroom industries that is made up of polymer stone resin.

Reasons to choose Elegant Shower Trays are listed below:

♦ Made In UK Shower Tray

♦ Include 90mm free waste trap

♦ Easy to clean and maintain

♦ All trays have a flat underside making installation and levelling even easier 

♦ Slimline-At just 40 high

♦ Perfect for a modern and contemporary bathroom design

♦ Patented Technology-Made of the patented 'Pearlstone Matrix' making the range one of the strongest and lightest available

♦ All trays are acrylic capped and constructed from a polyurethane resin mixed with filler including volcanic ash


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