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Elegant 1520mm Horizontal Grille Radiator Cover Traditional 3 Pattern Slatted Wood Decor Grey

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Size - Large (W1520 x D190 x H815 mm)

Style - Horizontal Grille


Elegant 1520mm Horizontal Grille Radiator Cover Traditional 3 Pattern Slatted Wood Decor Grey

Replacing your radiator is an expensive, messy, and inconvenient ordeal; plus, if it’s purely for cosmetic reasons, why not pick an easier and more affordable option? This stunning white Horizontal Grille radiator cover is beautifully designed and features thoughtful touches such as chamfered edges and a smart horizontal slat grill for a timeless finish. Invest in this classic cabinet to make your old radiator disappear and introduce an eye-catching feature to your room. There’s plenty of room on its top surface to display pictures, books, plants, ornaments, and much more.

Product Features

Size - W1520 x D190 x H815 mm
Constructed from durable MDF
Product with a modern stylish design, the Radiator Cover
This radiator cover has a beautifully crafted white finish match your decor.
Assembly Required

♦ Look after your little ones by putting a barrier between your radiator and their inquisitive hands. A radiator cover is a great way to stop young children from being able to touch hot radiator surfaces and accidentally burning themselves. You can never be too careful when they’re playing around the house which is why investing in radiator covers is definitely worth the peace of mind.

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