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ELEGANT 500x700mm Modern Ultra-Slim Illuminated LED Bathroom Make-up Mirror IP44 / Shaving Socket

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✅ Mains Connection Operated

✅ Aluminium frame with bevelled edge design

✅ IP44 Splashproof, Shaving Socket, Magnify & Dustproof

✅ Switch controlled

✅ Elegant Bathroom Mirror

ELEGANT 500x700mm Modern Ultra-Slim Illuminated LED Bathroom Make-up Mirror IP44 / Shaving Socket

Brighten up a previously dull and inspiring bathroom decor with this Elegant bathroom mirror featuring LED lighting from Elegant Showers. This mirror is integrated with built-in socket advancing you to charge your shaver or toothbrush without any hassle as well as an advance magnifying glass for perfection when it comes to makeup, teeth cleaning or shaving.

♦ Product Features

◊ 4mm copper-free silver mirror

◊ LED Energy rating: A +

◊ Aluminium frame with back sealing cover

◊ Color temperature: 6400k    (+/-300k) 

◊ Backlit LEB 2835 with 3x magnifying mirror with LED lighting

◊ Built-in switch & shaver socket


This Mirror operated with mains connection delivered fully assembled,Easy install, comes with fitting instructions.

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Light ColourWhite
Weight In KG5.63KG
Shaving SocketYes
Switch TypeOn/Off Switch
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