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ELEGANT 1000mm Bifold Framed Shower Door 5mm Tempered Glass Shower Screen

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✅ Size:1000mm

✅ Height:1850mm

✅ 5mm tempered safety glass, BS EN 12150 certified & CE certified

✅ Fixtures & Fittings Included

✅ Reversible Design

✅ Can Be Installed With/Without Shower Tray

ELEGANT 1000mm Bifold Framed Shower Door 5mm Tempered Glass Shower Screen

Elegant Framed Bi-Fold Door Shower/screen Door is a clever use of space where spaced is at stake and even look spacious in en-suite too. By opting for a Bi-folding mechanism, this shower door eliminates the need to consider the footprint required by pivoted enclosure doors, allowing it to be fitted in and around existing furniture and fittings with ease. Fully enclosed in a chrome support surround, the Elegant Bi-Fold Shower Door is firmly supported, while its 5mm toughened safety glass ensures a great degree of security. For difficult installations, the Framed Bifold Shower Door By Elegant Showers allows you an inwards width adjustment of up to 20mm" on each side.

Product Features

◊ Door size:1000mm (Including Frame)

◊ Height:1850mm

◊ Inwards Adjustment - 1000mm (960 - 1000mm)

◊ Suitable for recesses, side panels & Inline panels

◊ Can be installed with or without shower trays 

◊ 5mm tempered safety glass, BS EN 12150 certified( we have BS EN 12150 certification printed on the glass)

◊ Chrome finished stainless steel knob handle

◊ Concealed design rollers, passed 500,000 push and pull test

◊ Passed multi waterproof test, waterproof guaranteed.

◊ Extra-wide chrome aluminium frame to build a strong and steady structure.

◊ A dedicated metal profile connected to wall profile, to create a stronger structure,100% failsafe.

◊ Easy to install, including full installation instruction and all fixings.

◊ Universal fitting design-can be fitted to left or right hand.

◊ Profession Installation Is Recommended.


◊ Stone Resin Shower Tray + 90mm Waste

◊ Waste Position - Top Left Or Bottom Right Corner For Size Upto 1200mm & Middle Waste On Longer Sideline For Sizes Above 1200mm

Shower Tray Can Be Selected From Dropdown Menu, But This Shower Door Is Designed To Be Installed With/Without Shower Tray

More Information
Type Of Glass5mm Tempered Glass
Adjustment40mm (20mm Each Side) 1000mm = 960-1000mm
Height (mm)1850mm
Glass Thinkness5mm Tempered Glass
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♦ Made in "UK"stone tray.

♦ Include 90mm free waste trap. 

♦ Easy to clean and maintain. 

♦ All trays have a flat underside making installation and levelling even easier.

♦ Slimline - At just 40 high, Our stone trays are amongst the sleekest on the market.

♦ Perfect for a modern and contemporary bathroom design. 

♦ Patented Technology - Made of the patented 'Pearlstone Matrix' making the range one of the strongest and lightest available.

♦ All trays are acrylic capped and constructed from a polyurethane resin mixed with filler including volcanic ash.

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