Wet Room

Wet Room

For the ultimate combination of modern style and practicality, look no further than a walk-in shower. We carry an extensive selection of fantastic Elegant walk-in shower enclosures that will add an instant touch of contemporary chic to any bathroom, as well an aspect of functionality not usually found with other types of shower enclosure. Take a look and find your dream walk-in shower enclosure today.



Walk-In Shower Enclosures

A walk-in shower is exclusive and modest. It is unobstructed, free of door style doesn't amend on separate bathroom furnishings. Should you regard by no means favour of a welcoming and liberal showering scheme, in so doing, a walk-in shower is a saving grace that will indeed benefit, raising mint of elegance and renewal. Right on, a walk-in shower has the character of a wetroom; at the same time, it makes do with a shower tray in favour of wetroom waterproofing.

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Walk-In With Return/Flipper Panel

A hinged flipper panel is the archetypal fitting as when you desire a lengthier shower screen. Yet, you must allow a sufficing gap to make its way into the shower space. The flipper could be hinged into the interior to enable entry, later moved parallel to the head screen when freshening up to optimise the length paved by the screen.

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Walkin Shower Enclosure With 300mm Return Panels

Elegant Showers wet room shower screen panel can be accompanied by a panel typically 300mm at a right angle forming an 'L' shape. This 'return panel' further aids in reducing shower spray. Some varieties of return panels are pivot hinged to allow movement of the shorter panel for more access to the shower area.

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