Choosing a shower screen can be beneficial if you value affordability, space-saving features in your bathroom design. If you are looking for a bath screen for your bathroom, you should take a look at this article. Elegant Showers has rounded up the benefits of bath shower screens, the various of types and how to choose right one to suit your needs.

Benefits of Shower Screens:

Shower screens can instantly elevate the look of your bathroom, giving it a modern and sleek appearance. It provides a barrier that helps contain water within the shower area, reducing the risk of slips and falls.

Unlike shower curtains, which can trap moisture and harbor mold and mildew, shower screens are easy to clean and maintain. What’s more, shower screens come in a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes, allowing you to customize them to match your bathroom decor.


Types of Shower Screens Available:

There are a wide variety of glass shower screens available in the market, but your bathroom shape and your personal needs are the keys elements that decide the type of bath screens you choose finally.

Framed Shower Screens: These screens feature a frame that surrounds the glass panels, providing added stability and durability.

Frame-less Shower Screens: Frame-less screens offer a minimalist and contemporary look, with no visible frame to obstruct the view.

Sliding Shower Screens: Ideal for smaller bathrooms, sliding screens save space by sliding along tracks instead of swinging open.

Bi-Fold Shower Screens: Bi-fold screens consist of two panels that fold in on themselves, making them perfect for compact spaces.

Hinged Shower Screens: Hinged screens swing open like a door, providing easy access to the shower area.

How to Choose the Right Shower Screen:

When choosing a bath screen, the first thing you need to consider is your bathroom layout. Measure your shower space accurately to ensure the screen fits properly. 

Shower screens are typically made of glass, but you can choose between clear, frosted, or patterned glass depending on your privacy preferences and aesthetic preferences.

Decide if you prefer a framed or frame-less shower screen. Frame-less screens offer a sleek, modern look and are easier to clean, while framed screens provide additional stability and support. Also, consider the type of door you want for your shower screen. Options include sliding doors, pivot doors, bi-fold doors, or hinged doors. Choose based on your space constraints and personal preference.

Finally, determine your budget and look for shower screens that offer the best combination of quality and affordability within your price range.

Investing in a high-quality shower screen is a great way to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. With a wide range of styles and customization options available, you're sure to find the perfect shower screen to suit your needs and style preferences. Upgrade your bathroom today and enjoy a luxurious shower experience every day!

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