A bathroom mirror is an important and vital aspect of your bathroom, along with the Bathroom Furniture and shower enclosure. Thus, your bathroom is merely incomplete without it. 

A good bathroom mirror is particularly important in smaller rooms. When space is at a premium, a mirror will create the illusion of extra space and light - this is especially useful for en-suites and guest bathrooms. This effect is amplified further when using more than one mirror, as well as enhancing the decor and features of your room. While the importance of a mirror is beyond question 

Whichever you choose, whether it’s for checking you haven’t got toothpaste over yourself while brushing or making a final adjustment to your hair when heading out. The ever-expanding variety of Bathroom mirrors available @ Elegant Showers promise a spectacular reflection according to individual needs. 

Types Of Bathroom Mirror @ Elegant Showers 

"Adding a touch of glamour doesn't cost that much, it is just how we put into perspective."Here @ElegantShowers We Do It For You! 

♦) LED Bathroom Mirror  

A genuine upgrade to any bathroom can be given by means of Led Illumination, or in fact any kind of light on your mirror. These can drastically change a dim and dirty room into an inviting and welcoming bathing environment. A great illuminated mirror can bring your bathroom to light, adding a warm shine that will upgrade the relaxing and extravagant aura of your bathroom. 

LED Bathroom Mirrors @ Elegant Showers has an ability to be installed with Mains supply, which not only saves you a hassle from running to the market to buy batteries when a guest arrives but also provide brightening effect compared to Battery Bathroom Mirrors.  

As our promise above "The ever-expanding variety of Bathroom mirrors available @ Elegant Showers promise a spectacular reflection according to individual needs." Most of our mirrors come with additional features such as Auto - Demisting, Sensor Touch, Shaving Socket & so on... As said it all depends upon individual needs... 

♦) Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors 

Like an enlightened bathroom mirror, Bluetooth bathroom mirrors are fitted with Led lighting to imitate normal light. Be that as it may,  Now, we all had a moment when we slipped our smartphones into a bathtub, but Bluetooth Bathroom mirrors go one step further on the innovation course by permitting you to play your top pick tunes any time of the day or night without the device getting drenched.  

Some of the Bluetooth Bathroom mirrors at Elegant Showers even come with a digital clock to ensure you’re never late again, while they are wired straight into your mains electrical system. This ensures you don’t have to worry about installing, nor replacing the lighting bulbs regularly due to the super-efficient LED lighting. 

Bringing the future to Elegant Showers, Bluetooth bathroom mirrors reflect the modern times we live in by providing the ability to sync your phone or music device to it. 

♦) Same Reflection In Different Shape 

Bored from same old Rectangle and Square Bathroom Mirrors, By keeping that in mind. Elegant Showers recently launched a stunning range of Round Bathroom Mirrors as well as Oval Bathroom Mirrors, With technology advancement of Inbuilt Demister & Sensor touch with unbeatable LED illumination effect is surely something which kept our competitors on toes.  

At Elegant, all our products are designed by some of the top designers around the globe to meet the standard of Modern world, You never know what the future brings, maybe a mirror which can connect to Alexa or Google Home. Keep Browsing our Bathroom Mirrors range @ Elegant. You surely won't miss our latest range of LED Bathroom Mirrors.