Shower enclosures have become an essential item that people need in their shower space and here at Elegant Showers we assume it is important which you select the appropriate enclosure for you. Whether it’s a compact shower cubicle for a small en-suite bathroom, a modern-day spacious bathe for a large family or a contemporary and costly walk-in shower, We’ll assist you and help you to navigate the style of shower enclosure available @ Elegant Showers though our Latest 2020 Shower Enclosure Guide.

♦ Evaluate The Space

Before you start to take a look for shower enclosure's, we suggest you to evaluate the availability of space & here below are some key points you may consider to have a look whilst planning your shower space.
What actually a term 'Shower Enclosure' stand for: In simple terms, it's a cubicle that makes it possible to alter the function of a bathtub to allow the option of enjoying a tub bath or taking a shower. There are various shapes and styles available when it comes to shower enclosures which we will explain it further,  When deciding where to put it, consider the space needed for the door opening and any other features you want to add, such as towel rails. Take into account any existing features such as pipework, vents and lights.

♦ Understanding The Layout Of Your Shower Space

One wall – If you have a massive space, then you may need to make a characteristic of the shower by placing it in the center of one wall. This way you’d want two aspect panels to the enclosure, as well as a door panel for the front.
Two walls - The traditional and not unusual approach is to install the shower in the corner of the room, towards the walls. This is most appropriate for small to medium-sized bathrooms. For this you’d need one side panel and a door panel.
Three walls - You'd just need a door panel for the front.


Shapes & Styles Of Shower Enclosures Available @ Elegant Showers

♦ Quadrant Showers Enclosures

Quadrant shower enclosures are a completely popular option nowadays, as they’re perfect for saving area of your bathroom. This kind of enclosure capabilities a curved form that is designed to match into a corner. This is useful for making the most of the available area in your bathroom. At Elegant, we offer a huge range when it comes to Quadrant Enclosures due to the reason of being classified as one of the top selling products. Browse our range now featuring 8mm Easy Clean Quadrant , 6mm Easy Clean Quadrants,Single Sliding Door Quadrants & many more options to choose from. The feature that makes us different from our competitors is that all our quadrants can be installed with our without shower trays, But if you are considering an enclosure with a shower tray, we would recommend to have a look our designer range of Quadrant Shower trays featuring 40mm thickness and manufactured to its highest standards.
Most of our Quadrant Shower Enclosure features sliding mechanism that allows easy access for getting in and out of the shower, without impeding on the space of other items and adds a functionality with spaciousness in your Showering area. These type of enclosures can only be installed with Two Walls Layout as mentioned above.

♦ Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Offset Shower Enclosures are generally bigger; they are oblong in shape with one corner rounded off. Ordinary quadrant showers are square with one corner rounded off. In both these options, the doors are located at the rounded corner. If you have a large bathroom and you want a great-looking shower with more space, then you may require offset-quadrant shower. You can still have the spectacular curved doors that take up no space, but the shower tray has a larger area because it is the same width but is longer.

At Elegant, all our offset are fully reversible but be careful in choosing the position of shower tray as per your layout. In addtion these features sliding mechanism that allows easy access for getting in and out of the shower, without impeding on the space of other items and adds a functionality with spaciousness in your Showering area. .These type of enclosures can only be installed with Two Walls Layout as mentioned above.

♦ Square Shower Enclosures

We all know well, that a square shower is the most populat choice when it comes to compact size bathrooms, at elegant we offer a huge range when it comes to square shower enclosures which includes our exclusive Range of Pivot Shower Enclosure offering an easy installation with an advantage of inwards adjustment for 40mm (20mm each side ) for Framed Pivot Hinged Shower Enclosures and 30mm (15mm each side) for Frameless Pivot Hinged Shower Enclosure. But to bead the odds such as if you got bathroom furniture's a Corner Entry Shower Enclosure or Bifold Hinged Shower Enclosure can be the most favourable one.

In Square shape Enclosures, Elegant offers 6mm tempered glass with all metal fixtures & fittings which not only adds the value but all adds a touch of spaciousness to your property. Not to forget, these type of Shower Enclosure are fully reversible meaning it can be the door can be installed either way left or right and so does the side panels & these can be installed without or without shower tray. These type of enclosures can be installed with Two Walls Layout as well as With One Wall Layout as 3 sided enclosures (Pivot & Bifold Enclosures only) as mentioned above.

♦ Rectangular Shower Enclosures

Rectangular Shower Enclosures are one the top and most utmost choice when it comes to shower enclosures as it offers wide entry space when compared to rest of the enclosure. At Elegant, We offer an inclusive range of Sliding Shower Enclosures with a choice to choose between 8mm Easy Clean or 6mm Tempered Glass option. Both offers an advantage of 40mm adjustment inwards for shower doors and 20mm inwards adjustment for side panels. These enclosures can be installed with two side panel to make it as an 3 sided enclosure & can be fitted with our without shower tray.

♦ Walk-In Shower Enclosures

At Elegant, you have a varied choice to make when it comes to Wetroom Shower Screen / Walk- In Shower Enclosures. But the similarity between them it can be styled same for both types of installation (with or without shower trays), All our products are designed by some of the top designers around the globe to meet the needs of each buyer/installer and are only available @ Elegant Showers, Featuring glass thickness of 6mm, 8mm & 10mm with valid certification mark of British Standards.
Recessed - Restricted Installation into an alcove and is perfect for replacing a bathtub. This sort includes a solitary glass screen, which can be fitted to the left or right position with a chrome support arm as per the layout of your shower space & also offers you a choice, to install with, or without a flipper panel. These type of enclosures can only be installed with Two Walls Layout as previously stated above.
Please feel free to peruse our large range of products @ Elegant which has something for everyone's taste.