Shower Enclosures Guide @ Elegant Showers

From expansive wet rooms to modern curved glass cubicles and shower trays, the decent stand-alone shower enclosure will offer assistance to convert your bathroom space, including extravagance and style, while helping you to create your idealize plan.

With so numerous products available, choosing the correct enclosure can be precarious – ensure that you just make the correct choices and take the primary step towards finding your idealize shower enclosure by checking out this Shower Enclosure guide @ Elegant Showers

Knowing Your Bathroom Space well.

Before you begin to look at the details of your shower enclosure, you’ll need to evaluate the space you have available in the bathroom & where your enclosure will actually be installed. In general, as per UK bathrooms, its basically 3 types of layout which are generally considered as below.

♦ 1 Wall Layout

Commonly seen in the Large spacious bathroom, where space isn't an issue & the perfect enclosure to suit the needs of 1 wall layout will be 3 sided and enclosures with 2 side panels and a Shower Door.

At Elegant, We offer a vivid range of Enclosures, but the one which can be installed as 3 sided are rare and the choice available @ Elegant to choose from are: Sliding Shower Enclosure, Bifold Shower Enclosures & Pivot Hinged Shower Enclosures.

Browse Our Elegant range of Shower Enclosures UK @ elegant to add the touch of spaciousness and elegance to your shower space..

♦ 2 Walls Layout

Most common layout structure, which allow you to choose a Shower enclosure as per your need and is suitable for many Shower Enclosure @ Elegant Showers. This type of layout allows you choose any time of enclosure available in the market today, such as Quadrant Shower Enclosures, Offset, Sliding, Pivot, Bifold or Walk-In Shower Enclosures. But do keep in mind too about the bathroom furniture in your shower space whilst choosing the Shower enclosure for this layout as Enclosure like Pivot Hinged may put some restrictions to the door openings.

♦ 3 Walls Layout

This type of layout is quite common where space is at stake, but nothing to worry off, All shower doors available @ Elegant Showers can be installed with/without shower trays promising your shower space an elegant looks with an option to choose from a vivid range which includes: Sliding Shower Doors(Available In 8mm Nano Glass), Bi-fold Shower Doors (Available In Framed & Frameless Versions) & Pivot Hinged Shower Door (Available In Framed & Frameless Versions). Our door won't just promise the looks, but also promise dry area on the outskirts of your shower space by being watertight & yet extravagant.

Explore the subtle range of shower enclosures @ to find the best enclosure for your bathroom. As well as the choices we’ve already outlined, like shape, door type and finish, you’ll also see the details of the glass thicknesses and guarantees for each of our ranges. Depending on your budget, some of our ranges include easy-clean, anti-limescale panels.