Why do I need a radiator?

Investing in radiators is a wise choice in cold winter for efficient and tailored heating solutions. They provide quick and effective warmth, offer versatility in design and placement, contribute to energy efficiency, and enhance the overall comfort and aesthetics of your living space. With various types and styles available, radiators ensure a cozy home environment, making them an essential component for maintaining comfort and well-being.


What are my options?

Designer Radiators comes with innovative and modern designs, ranging from sleek vertical panels to artistic and abstract shapes. It goes beyond being utilitarian objects; they become decorative elements that enhance the overall aesthetics of a room while maintaining functionality in heating your living space. 

When choosing designer radiators, you have to take the space into first consideration since they tend to be on the larger side. If your bathroom is quite small, there’s another idea for you.

Traditional Column Radiators 

Traditional column radiators are a classic and timeless heating option characterized by their distinctive design. These radiators typically feature vertical columns arranged in a classic pattern, often made of cast iron. They're available in a multitude of sizes and colours, allowing homeowners to choose options that complement their interior design and fit the specific spatial requirements. 


Panel Radiators are one of the most common types. They consist of flat panels with convector fins behind them to enhance heat distribution. Cost-effective, versatile, and available in various sizes and styles are their general features.


Towel Radiators is specifically designed for bathrooms.They serve a dual purpose of heating the space and providing a place to hang towels. Functional for bathrooms, available in both traditional and modern designs.

Vertical Radiators are tall and slim, making them ideal for rooms with limited wall space. They can be a stylish and space-saving option. It is space-efficient, contemporary design, suitable for narrow walls.


What is a BTU?

BTU stands for British Thermal Units and represents the level of heat a radiator provides. The required BTU level to heat your room will influence the size of your radiators. The higher the rating, the more heat a radiator will produce, so be sure to keep this in mind when making your purchase.


Elegant Showers offer numerous options in all shapes, styles and sizes for you to find one that's right for you.


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