Why black shower screens have grown popular in recent years?

Bath screens are tailored to fit over a bathtub. Shower bath screens are available in various configurations to complement diverse styles of shower baths, including P-shaped and L-shaped baths.

Certain bath screens types:

Certain bath screens offer folding, sliding, or hinged mechanisms, enhancing accessibility for entering and exiting the bath. 

Black shower screens infuse a sense of modernity and sophistication into any bathroom. The deep hue adds an element of mystery and luxury, elevating the entire space with an elegant touch. Moreover, a black shower screens offer remarkable versatility in decor, seamlessly blending with various styles including contemporary, industrial, or classic. 

They create a striking visual impact, accentuating the design and layout of the bathroom for a more spacious and inviting ambiance. Black shower screens stand out for their unique aesthetic qualities, making them a coveted choice in modern home decor.

How to choose a black shower screen?

High-quality black shower screens are typically made of tempered or safety glass, which offers durability and impact resistance. It also ensures safety meanwhile. Choose products that are equipped with durable hinges and hardware for enhanced stability and longevity.

How to Pair Black Shower Screens with Different Design Styles?

Black shower or bath screens are versatile and can complement a variety of bathroom looks. Here are some ideas for you to style your bathroom.

Modern and Contemporary Look

Black screens add a sleek and sophisticated touch to modern bathrooms, enhancing their clean lines and minimalist design aesthetic.

Industrial Bathroom

In industrial-style bathrooms, black screens contribute to the raw and edgy vibe, complementing exposed brick walls, concrete floors, and metal fixtures.

A Luxury Bathroom

 Black screens can also lend a sense of luxury to a bathroom when paired with opulent materials like marble, brass, or gold accents. They create a striking contrast against rich textures and colors, adding drama and elegance.

A Monochrome Look

 For a timeless and cohesive look, black screens work well in monochrome bathrooms, where black and white dominate the color palette. They create a sense of unity and visual interest while maintaining a classic appeal.

Top tips for choosing the Right Size and Installation Method

When selecting a black shower screen that fits your bathroom space, the size and installation method are crucial considerations. 

Size: Shower screen is designed for a walk-in shower enclosure or wet room. Typically, shower screens are 1800 to 2000mm in height and fixed into position, suitable for most bathrooms. Bath screen is designed to sit over a bathtub, at 1400-1600mm.


Consider the installation method. Fixed shower screens are typically mounted on the wall, while folding or sliding screens can be adjusted as needed. Ensure the chosen installation method suits your bathroom space and personal preferences.

Colour and material

Choose the material and colour that complements your bathroom decor style. Black shower screens are suitable for modern, luxurious, or industrial-style bathrooms, adding a unique charm and a sense of fashion to the bathroom space.

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