Drawing some inspiration from these contemporary small bathroom ideas to create stylish and functional bathroom spaces.

When starting a new journey on a new bathroom renovation, you may facing a tough time due to the renovation cost. A smaller than average bathroom may be a good choice for you. 

We‘ve share some of the best shower enclosures for small bathroom designs to help you get start your renovation.


Corner showers

One of the options for limited spaces is corner showers, which are specifically designed to fit snugly into corners, making efficient use of otherwise unused space. By utilizing corner areas, these showers free up valuable floor space in the bathroom, allowing for better circulation and more flexible layout options.

Walk in shower enclosures

Without traditional door, a walk-in shower enclosure features an open entrance, allowing for easy entry and exit without the need for barriers. They become popular for contemporary bathroom designs for its their modern, minimalist aesthetic and their ability to make bathrooms feel larger and more open.

Bi-fold shower enclosures

Bifold shower enclosures are a popular choice for small bathrooms due to their space-saving design and practicality. 

With doors folding inward, it requiring less clearance space compared to traditional swing-out doors, making them ideal for smaller bathrooms or ensuites.

Quadrant shower enclosures

Quadrant enclosures’ curved shape maximizes space utilization while providing ample room for showering. They are prized for a contemporary and elegant appearance that enhances the overall aesthetic of the bathroom.

The sliding or hinged doors of quadrant shower enclosures provide easy access to the showering area, making them practical and convenient for everyday use.

Frameless shower enclosures
The absence of frames allows for maximum visibility and an open, airy feel within the showering area, a frameless shower enclosure makes even a small bathroom appears larger and more spacious.

With hinges, seals and other hard-to-reach areas, it’s not easy to keep the enclosure looking pristine. But frameless glass panels are easy to clean and maintain, as there are no crevices or grooves where dirt and grime can accumulate. 

Shower baths

Shower bath is ideal for smaller bathrooms or ensuite spaces where there may not be enough room for separate shower cubicles and bathtubs. By combining the two fixtures into one, bath shower screens help maximize floor space without compromising on functionality.


The other end of the shower bath is designed like a traditional bathtub, offering a deep and relaxing bathing experience. Users can enjoy soaking in the tub to unwind after a long day or indulge in a luxurious bubble bath for ultimate relaxation.

By implementing these contemporary small bathroom ideas, you can create a stylish and functional space that maximizes every inch of available space while reflecting the latest design trends of 2024.


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