PPE - An Important Way Of Life
Covid-19 is becoming apparent, swiftly advancing situation where it has increased over 150 countries around the globe. The latest Coronavirus pandemic has steered to the conversation concerning how individuals can come to the aid of keeping themselves safe from infection. What about the workplace? How do we intercept pathogens from outspread? 
As stated by the World Health Organization (WHO), Covid-19 (referred to as Coronavirus) can spread person-to-person in close contact through small droplets people expel when they exhale or coughed. The droplets can accumulate on surfaces, objects, and body parts, where other people can pick them up and transfer the virus into their own eyes, nose, or mouth.
In this platform, we will consider what PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is all about. Thus, providing information on the preference and managing of PPE validates the significance of safety and protection against contagious diseases or pathogens.  Get informed and browse through.

♦ What is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. It is special equipment you put on to establish a barrier between you and infections. This barrier lessens the possibility of touching, being exposed to, and spreading germs. The primary function of any PPE, is, by all means, to give protection to a worker, regardless of its line of work. Personal Protective Equipment mostly is necessary by health care providers, securing themselves against any possible infectious diseases that a sick person might have. To sum up, this is used for infection control.

♦ Types of PPE:

◊ Protective Gloves-It is likely the most commonly used types of PPE. Considering that hands are recognized to pass on pathogens to other parts of the body, along with other individuals, hand hygiene, including gloves is mandatory, both to protect the health worker as well as to stop spreading to others. Since the virus can be everywhere, everyone can be exposed or at risk of getting and spreading infection, for that reason, everyone is responsible for good and proper hygiene. Washing our hands under warm water and applying soap or Handwash Gel working every section of our hands for at least 20 seconds can make a hefty contribution in minimizing an infection. You can also use a Hand Sanitiser gel for an easy me pick-up bottle, just in case, hand washing is skipped sometimes. So, order now our available Gloves and Hand Sanitiser Gel at ElegantShowers for an added protection to your daily living. Browse further @ PPE Face Mask UK.
◊ Protective Masks- That covers your mouth and nose. It aids to prevent germs in your nose and mouth area from escalating. Moreover, it can keep you from breathing in some germs. As confirmed cases of Covid-19 continue to rise, it is advised and suggested that everyone wear a protective mask when they go out in public. Protective masks function as a physical barrier to shield us from different microorganisms. This is safety measures and favour to yourself and those close by you. Just ensure that there are no gaps between your face and the mask, and to keep away from touching the mask whilst using it. Change your mask with a new one immediately, once it feels damp or moistened. Never re-use single-use mask. To take off your mask, simply remove it from behind. Do not touch the front of the mask and dispose of instantly in the bin. Make sure that you always clean your hands regardless. Check out our Protective Masks at ElegantShowers @ PPE Face Mask UK and be the very first one to get covered.   
◊ Protective Clothings-Such as Gowns, Aprons, Head Covering and Shoe Covers. These are widely used by members of the Health Care Sectors to protect health professionals and patients from the risks of infection and to mitigate the chance for cross-transmission of microorganisms. It protects clothing and skin from droplets and contact with infectious pathogens. Positioned over clothing and tied in the back sufficiently covering the arms and torso and parts of the legs. Nevertheless, it is paramount to use them appropriately or they may inflate the patient's risk of correlated infections.
◊ Finally, Eye Protection-See to it that face shields and goggles are in place as these fortify the mucous membranes in your eyes from bodily fluids. Goggles insert securely around the eyes, whilst protective glasses exclusively protect the front and sides of the eyes.
We hope that We, at ElegantShowers were able to contribute awareness and informative insights to all our valued customers. This current situation grounds us all to stay vigilant and to adhere to protective measures. Keep social distancing and continue to save lives!