How Can You Picture A Bathroom Without a Mirror? It is absurd, I guess knowing it is an essential piece of an item to consider. A mirror is a decorator's hidden gem. Far from plainly being a useful thing in which to look at your face, a decorative mirror can be utilised to magnify the light, add to the ambience, generate fascinating reflections and frame vistas. It is impressive how the inclusion of a mirror can revamp your space, settling any interiors conundrum on-the-spot.
Imagine further on and get a glimpse at our design tips in your home, and invariably expanding modernistic bathroom mirrors upgrading that fancy bathroom and uncovering what advances we could anticipate from now on. Take it easy! With our help at ElegantShowers, we will assist you in selecting the exact mirror for your space. And in an instant, your bathroom will be the core of your home! How to? Read on to find out. 

What Features Are Trending In High-Demand At Elegant Bathroom Mirrors?

♦ LED or Backlit Mirrors- A supplemental lighting on a mirror has been in demand nowadays as it allows to illuminate the mirror for the user. These advanced LED Lights are a brilliant source that supports your daily living besides, they propped to be at the back of the mirror or surrounding edges. This is typically favourable in bathroom areas with minimal or no natural light. What's more, it generates slight dazzle than ordinary lighting, which can aid to produce a gleaming mood for you to unwind aside in your bathroom.
LED Lights will carry on thriving in the market since they are better energy-savings. They supply magnificent lighting while lessening your energy use. ElegantShowers store vast orders of LED Mirrors in stock in both landscape and portrait along with a range of unique shapes. The options don't stop there, with arrays of modern design mirrors, there is one assured to tailor every bathroom space.
♦ Bathroom Mirror Cabinets- This integrates the storage and mirror designs and presents multi-functional level, combining useful shelving space, storage, along with a mirror into one beautiful style. As a result, this is well-liked by most consumers as it gives matchless convenience adding to your bathroom space. Yet, the mirror functions the door to the cabinet, where you are able to stockpile medications, basic essentials like toiletries and other bits and bobs that can settle into your mirror cabinet.
Nevertheless, if you have a compact bathroom, then, a bathroom mirror cabinet is highly suggested with their design quality converting your area in a practicable way. Moreover, keep in mind to opt for a substantial bathroom mirror cabinet if you fancy your bathroom space to look brighter. Check out our online products at Elegantshowers and Mirror those styles with variant shapes to purchase on depending your own bathroom ideas.
♦ Bathroom Mirror With Demister Pads- Steam free is a must! With a bustling way of life, it is not possible to get off from your heated shower with dismay to realize that you cannot finish your everyday routine till your mirror is clear of the mists that appear when warm, humid air is there. Though, we are fully aware that wiping it at most causes the mirror to taint later on. However, there is a prime solution to prevent the build-up of condensation, which is to finance a steam-free bathroom mirror. These mirrors materialize with fitted demister pads and these pads work by gently heating it, which halts the mirror from accumulating excessive amounts of water vapour that it results in becoming steamy and foggy. It should also be warm up in a few minutes of being switched on. See our range of Heated Bathroom Mirrors and Order Now!
♦ Bathroom Mirror With Shaving Sockets- Granted that this is not a major exhilarating quality of a bathroom mirror, still, it is of significant benefit for the user. And in order for you to have a pleasant experience into your shaving moments, a smart, contemporary bathroom mirror cabinet with shaving socket is a good recommendation to purchase on. These are mirrored cabinets more than merely storing your essentials, besides, they are built into the storage area and permits you to charge your electric shaver while it sits away on the inside cabinet. Apparently, it validates to be of great use. Browse now with our lined up products- Bathroom Mirror Cabinets With Shaving Sockets at ElegantShowers for an easy, smooth shaving adventure. 
♦ Bathroom Mirror With Power Sensors- A sensor in the main mirror reacts with a subtle touch to switch the light on and then off again. They help to establish an added practical feature to your bathroom space much the same as to those latest gadgets like tablets and phones. The motion-sensing technology like infrared sensors, thus far, in advance that you can initialize those electrical utilities of your cabinet effortlessly. It can sense the presence of yourself around the mirror that it signals to turn on and off correspondingly. Besides, this is practical, if your hands are wet, then you won't stain any marks on the mirror. 
♦ Bathroom Mirror With Bluetooth Audio- Modern bathroom cabinet mirror is more than just a simple storage solution and a mirror. It goes the extra length with numerous exciting features built-in including lighting solution. Not only that, but it can also now be a leading quality Audio with its Bluetooth connectivity. This is an innovative way rolled together, allowing you to enjoy that unlimited audible experience into your bathroom space. Whatever you are doing, be it taking your bathroom rituals, relaxing for a soak in your bathtub or trying to freshen in the shower after a long, hectic day at work, having a soundtrack will inevitably compliment the mood, thus, giving yourself a deep, full brain workout.
These Bluetooth Audio bathroom mirror, particularly are waterproof and with an outstanding quality sound and an effortless connectivity right to your mobile. No doubt that this will be your new way of recreation, bringing that music genre into your bathroom space.
◊ Bottom Line: Our bathroom should not be left behind of the brilliant ideas of technology advancements that are evolving nowadays. Match the perfect new addition for your home and experience that modern touch of lifestyle. 
Remember: ElegantShowers Bathroom Mirrors are not only for vanity purposes. Likewise, it creates a clutter-free bathroom, which enhances functionality. And with all said, quality does take into account for an excellent deal!