Thinking about a brand new bathroom can be an inspiring adventure. And for this reason, designing your bathroom space is an integral part to be taken into considerations. With multiple choices on sale, there is a shower enclosure to complement each and every space. So, let's hear it for the Quadrants! 

Nearly all UK households prefer these curved glass models as their standard selections - a Quadrant Shower Enclosures. Yet, why is that so? To be more informed, look through this brief guide to comply with any demands calling of quality and elegant designs that include various sizes that will enable you to smartly upgrade your desired bathroom space -where you can brace yourself in relaxation, reinvigorate and leave you pampered throughout the day.
Let's get started by asking primarily, What is a Quadrant Shower Enclosure after all? The quadrant shower enclosure is not just a favourable product despite that it provides an absolute versatility in any bathroom space. As the name product indicates, it curved elegantly in a corner of a bathroom.

Remember: "You create the space that you are meant to be."

Quadrant shower enclosures are an ideal product of design. They are modelled with the facility to fit at all into the corners of the bathroom. These frames them absolutely for compact and substantial bathrooms as they won't occupy ample space offering you with enough storage space as well as room furnishings. On the other hand, if you are desperate to a rounded suite, or bath, a quadrant shower enclosure will be more congenial to your style as occasionally the shapes we make use in our bathroom space can say-so the pattern of particular elements. Hence, these enclosures are eminent for their classic and simple installation.
In closing, almost all quadrant shower enclosures appear to just the curved face to clean or washed. And with an easy-peasy clean glass that you can shop for anytime soon here at Elegant Showers, it only means that your cleaning bathroom routine saves your day from any means of stain and grimes keeping your bathroom squeaky clean and an effortless time consumed. As with most quadrant shower enclosures present with a sliding door, they are too operated by one or extra sets of rollers. A notable bonus of a touch-up.  
There you go. Our Quadrant Elegant Shower Enclosures range from all set of sizes and colours. Price-wise, go for a trusted online seller that will assure you of quality products. This is so since every consumer wants to receive the best offer on the market. So, it is necessary to look into if your quadrant shower enclosure is of good, high standard quality. To make that happen, feel free to reserve your queries by emailing us at or either join us in our daily chat online. 
As always, stay safe and still maintain social distancing. Be mindful health-wise. We can do this!